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Where is everthing?  Who has access?  What’s my Risk?

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What is Audited

Risk vs Exposure

Measure the sensitivity of your documents against the exposure that they been shared.

Access Reviews

Sharing Links potentially are your greatest risk, who is creating them and how exposed are you!

User Reviews

Observe who has access to your Sites, Teams and other content, including External Guest Users.

What's included?

Introduction Meeting

We’ll kick off with an introduction meeting and review your immediate concerns.  This helps us set the foundations for the review to ensure we are aligned to the right objectives.

Tenant Access & Install Auditing

You’ll need to introduce us to your IT team as we require Admin Access to your tenant to perform the review.  From there we can setup the scans and capture the auditing data.  We let that run for a few days to collate some trending information.

Review Workshop

We’ll give you access to the dashboard and step you through the primary areas of concern.  From here you can start to mitigate any major issues and put a plan in place to implement controls and policies.

You’ll have access to the dashboard for the remainder of the month, you can continue to access the dashboard with our Managed 365 services, which we can talk you through at a later stage.

We’ll provide you with a snapshot report too, with the findings of the Risk Assessment.

We’ll review the following risk exposures:

Why Us?

We’ve been specialising in helping businesses with productivity across their Microsoft Modern Workplace.

Typically clients ask us for help to either get started or to reign in the chaos.  The latter being the far more common scenario.

Microsoft make it really easy to scale out your infrastucture, putting responsibility into the hands of users – which is great for their own productivity and collaboration.  

But without control and parameters this very quickly turn into a mess.

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