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June 2021 – Current

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Education & Training

Continual Improvement

Technology Used

Microsoft Teams

SharePoint Document Libraries

Migration Agent

Managed 365

About ATWC

ATWC is an Auckland-based charity supporting mothers, Tamariki and families through their family services, early education, and social work. With a widespread mobile workforce across the community, along with their reliance on returning to the shared computers in the central office, their ageing hardware was no longer cutting it, so they asked us for help.

Partnering with Think IT

We partnered with Think IT, their IT Service Provider to bring the solution together.  With aging hardware the deadline was looming to replace their infrastructure.  The plan to shift workloads to the cloud was in play and SharePoint & Teams was a big part of the challenge.

The Challenges

ATWC needed a full revamp of their technology stack, but if they were going to do it, they needed to get it right.


File System Clean Up, while preparing to decommission their on premise server.


Teams of Remote Workers needing mobility and accessibility of their tools and systems


Improve Communications, keepoing channels open for security and safety across their teams.

The Solution

First, we went through ATWC’s entire communication process to discover ATWC’s unique operations and their pain points, to ensure we understood the way ATWC operates. 

We analysed how ATWC currently interacts, which tools they use and what their organisational goals and needs were.  

We were there every step of the way for ATWC – from educating the ATWC staff on the purpose of our solution, Microsoft Teams. To implementing the system and tools, right through to user training and continuous refinement.  

This robust six-week process was split across six core groups within the organisation. Each ATWC department had different needs, so the end solution had to factor in the consolidation of varying needs from each group, yet keep it intuitive, consistent, and easy to navigate.   

After a strategy and design session with each department, we then built their Teams environment and integrated it with ATWC’s existing primary applications.  User training with ATWC staff happened at the same time as their teams file migration. As soon as the users were trained, they had everything they needed to do their job and provide their brilliant services.

The Result

Since going live, ATWC have deployed 97 functional teams, offering them seamless communications and easy remote working.

Their leadership team are utilising the Custom365 Risk Management Dashboard to have oversight of their work environment, security and revoke and access to suspicious users or guests.

They have improved communications and collaboration across all 196 staff, which boosted morale and personal development.

"I'm really happy with how things have been handled and I'm looking forward to us making full use of Teams. Thank you to you and your team for the work you put in behind the scenes."

Semi Asafo - ATWC

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