Mitigate your Security and Compliance Risk?

Secure company-wide collaboration, protect business resources and evaluate exposure with a Risk Assessment of your Microsoft Modern Workplace.

With a Custom365 Risk Assessment we will highlight the key areas of concern across all your digital workspaces – SharePoint, Teams, Groups and OneDrive.

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Review your key risk metrics

Risk vs Exposure

Measure the sensitivity of your documents against the exposure that they have been shared.

Access Reviews

Sharing Links potentially are the greatest risk of data leaks, who is creating them and how exposed is your data!

User Reviews

Observe who has access to your Sites, Teams and content including External users as Guests.

Microsoft has made sharing easy…  maybe too easy! You can share directly from files, from SharePoint, Teams or even drop files in Team Chats.  Almost every time this happens, unique permissions, and potentially even anonymous links are created.  How do you know if there is an issue?

Secure Company-Wide Collaboration with a M365 Risk Assessment

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, sharing and collaboration are essential. However, they also pose significant security and compliance risks. Custom365’s Risk Assessment Audit service, helps you quickly identify and mitigate these risks, ensuring your Microsoft 365 environment remains secure.

Discover Key Insights:

      • Identify Access: Find out who has access to sensitive data in your Microsoft 365 environment.
      • Understand Sharing: Uncover who your data is shared with and if it poses a risk to your business.
      • External Access: Determine what data external users can access your business data.
      • Monitor Risk Evolution: Track how your level of risk evolves over time (if you retain auditing over time).
      • Highlight Over-Shared Documents: Identify documents shared with a large number of people or the entire company.
      • Detect Shadow Users: Spot users who are not members of a Team but can access a team’s SharePoint site based on sharing permissions.

Keeping track of proper security and permissions for each of your employees can be challenging. Custom365 provides access monitoring and control services to help protect your data from breaches

“You will be surprised at your level of exposure.  Take control today!”

What is included?


We’ll kick off with an introduction meeting and review your immediate concerns.  This helps us set the foundations for the review to ensure we are aligned to the right objectives.

Tenant Access & Auditing

You’ll need to introduce us to your IT team as we are going to need administrative access to your tenant to perform the review.

From there we can run our toolset and turn on auditing.

During a review workshop with you, we’ll step through your highest risk exposures including:

“Clean up your risks, then keep them clean with ongoing maintenance and review cycles”

What's Next?

Secure Collaboration and Accelerate Adoption

Building on the Risk Assessment, Custom365 provides additional capabilities to clean up, restructure and maintain your secure collaboration workspaces.

      • Ongoing Monitoring: Monitor Office 365 permissions with tenant-wide security reports.
      • Sensitivity and Activity Data Aggregation: Aggregate sensitivity and activity data across your tenant to prioritize critical permissions issues.
      • Automated Policy Enforcement: Enable Policies to act on findings, automating rules for access, settings, external sharing, and more.
      • Configuration Drift Management: Notify users of configuration drift and revert changes automatically, securing collaboration in Teams, Groups, Sites, and OneDrive.

Clean up your risks, then keep them clean with an ongoing review cycle – with Custom365 Managed Services.

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