Cert Alert
by Custom365

Easily keep track of records for your staff and company

Never let essential records become out of date. An easy to track tool with customisable reminders to staff and relevant team members
Certificate management built in sharepoint and teams

What is the Cert Alert app?

The Cert Alert app tracks and sends reminders for any document or other tracked item that has a set expiry. An Administrator can completely customise and set reminder timeframes for each certificate type.  Additional follow up reminders can be sent if the initial request has not been completed.

Administrators can set who gets notified, whether it is just themselves, the individual related to the certificate or a manager.

This app helps ensure mandatory requirements such as police vetting is completed every 3 years, or it could be used to make sure essential maintenance and servicing of company equipment is completed on time. 

Just set and forget – There really is no limitations on how to use this tool!

Key Features of the Cert Alert App

Adding certificates to sharepoint

Create Types of "Certificates"

Cert Alert can be used in any industry. It has been used for items such as:
Set Reminders for Documents in SharePoint and Teams

Customise Reminder Schedules

You set the schedule per certificate of when to remind yourself or your team members (for example 3 months / 1 month etc).   

Team leaders /Managers can also be alerted for their team members for visability.

Set as many reminders as you like to ensure the certificate is completed on time.

Managed Certificates Upload to SharePoint

Upload, Access and Filter Certificates

Once certificates are updated, upload to the cloud for easy access. 

Filter by:

Pricing Options

Cert Alert Standard

$ 47 per Month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Unlimited Tracked Certificates
  • Notifications from Custom365
  • Only SharePoint Embedded
  • One Time Implementation - $1595
  • Add Support Hours as Required
  • Add Development Hours as Required

Cert Alert Premium

$ 67 per Month
  • All Standard Features +
  • Customisable Form
  • Use your Branding
  • Notifications Send from your Domain
  • Can be used external to SharePoint
  • One Time Implementation - $1995

Bundled with Managed 365

$ 27 per Month
  • Discounted Cert Alert Standard
  • Discounted One Time Implementation - $995
  • Discounted Cert Alert Premium only $47/month
  • Discounted One Time Implementation - $1295

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