Complaints App
by Custom365

Manage Complaints and Feedback with this handy app

Receiving, documenting, resolving and responding to complaints is key, ensure your standard process is always followed

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What is the Complaints App?

Unfortunately complaints are inevitable, but dealing with them correctly can turn a complaint into a great experience.  Our solution is built on SharePoint, Teams and Power Platform so you are putting the process directly into your modern workplace.

Integrate into other solutions such as feedback forms and CRM’s, or allow users to create complaints from emails, calls or even social media and chat bots.

Once registered, your complaints officer will manage the complaint from trigger to resolution, including assigning action items to the team to resolve.

This is fully auditable and security controlled so that you’ll be able to report on and train staff from the outcomes.

Key Features of the Complaints App

Complaints Received

Whether the complaint is received via email, call, face to face, social media, chat bots or even public feedback forms, we want to capture them in this tool.

Officer Review Phase

Your Complaints Officer will review the submission and determine the severity of the issue.  They may also gather additional information to append to the complaint, such as product photo’s or failed SOPs.

Action Implementation

Assign actionable tasks to your team, this could be to offer refunds, discounts, replace products or even document a new procedure or policy (see Smart DMS for policy management.


Once the resolution is complete, the incident is closed out in the system, and the Complaints Officer may follow up to ensure the issue does not recur.

Pricing Options

Bundled with Managed 365

$ 47 per Month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Officers
  • Discounted One Time Implementation - $1500
  • Add Support Hours as Required
  • Add Development Hours as Required
Best value

Health & Safety App Only

$ 97 per Month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Officers
  • One Time Implementation - $1997
  • Add Support Hours as Required
  • Add Development Hours as Required

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