Extranet Manager
by Custom365

Share Folders with Clients and easily manage their access

Create folders for each client, share it with them and manage their access through this simple to use application built on SharePoint and Teams, using the Power Platform.

What is the Extranet Manager?

Simplify External User Management

Unlock the full potential of your Microsoft 365 environment with Extranet Manager by Custom365, the ultimate solution for managing external user access. Create a full SharePoint extranet experience with news, events and other resources, or simply a folder structure for each of your clients to access.  Our platform ensures you stay in control while enhancing collaboration with external partners.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Empower your teams with Extranet Manager by Custom365’s powerful features. Invite a new client, with a template driven folder structure – ensuring all resources are standardised, secure and easy to manage.  Our intuitive and easy to navigate interface saves time, reduces administrative burden allowing your team to focus on the content not the technology.

Key Features of Extranet Manager by Custom365

Share Client Resources

Built on SharePoint you can leverage all of the functions to build what you need, from simple client folders to full extranet experience as a client portal.

Customisable Invitation Emails

Full Rich Text email editor, with your company brand front and centre.  

Add a welcome message and an quick tour of your extranet to make sure your clients are up to speed.

We turn off the default microsoft invitation email.

Develop further with Power Platform

Leverage the Power Platform to integrate into CRM’s and Marketing campaigns.  

Set Policies for different user classifications.  

And so much more…

Pricing Options

Extranet Manager Standard

$ 197 per Month
  • up to 500 Guests Users
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Folder Templates
  • One Time Implementation - $2595
  • Configuration only
  • Add Support Hours as Required

Extranet Manager Premium

$ 297 per Month
  • Unlimited Guest Users
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Folder Templates
  • One Time Implementation - $2595
  • Allows for Customisation
  • Add Support Hours as Required
  • Add Development Hours as Required

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