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cloud migration projects take many different forms. for us, it's a digital transformation of your business Information, processes and Operations.

Whatever your transformation, we are here to help.

What does the change mean to you?

For some clients, it’s simple cloud file repository, enabling mobility and online real time collaboration.  For others it is digitising forms, apps and processes – taking advantage of robotic process automation (RPA), A.I. and integrations.  You could even say that opening an e-commerce store to realise further revenue opportunities could be your cloud journey.

Move Documents to Office 365

Moving your documents isn’t just a copy/paste.  Doing it right gives you an opportunity to create a great manageable structure that’s secure and easy to navigate.

Using our tools, you also retain file data such as “last modified by” and “last modified date” where as a data dump creates a new file.  A pre-migration check is performed to help eliminate any unforeseen errors.

For large volumes of data we can migrate in phases, with incremental changes as the final phase, reducing downtime.

We report on the accuracy of the migration, ensuring all documents have migrated.

Finally we provide  user training to ensure that straight a the migration completes your users are fully aware and capable of working in their new digital space.

From $2995

Digitise a Business Process

Robots are here to help

Converting a simple paper form to a digital form is a great step towards a modern workplace transformation.  Being able to complete paperwork remotely, immediately submitting the responses and triggering workflows is awesome – It it totally unnecessary to drive back to the office because they have to hand in their sheets.

Taking it a step further, improving the workflow after it has been submitted, or capturing data robotically from email and processing them.  The potential is endless.   We get really excited working in this space, helping businesses eliminate tedious data entry.

It’s not about replacing employees it’s about increasing satisfaction and the employee experience.

From $2995

Get Creative

Have a problem to solve?

Tell us about your current ideas or problems and we can see what we can do to help.

Technology is always evolving, what wasn’t possible yesterday might be possible today.  So jump on a call and start your journey now, you don’t want to be left standing at the station as your competitors speed past you.

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