Give more value to your clients...

Expand your offering and retain stickiness without needing to employ inhouse skill set.

Partnering with Custom365

Outsourcing to us in partnership, we’ll ensure that your clients get the solutions they need without opening the door to your competitors.

We are not one of your competitors, we specialise in our niche, which is extending value and utilisation of Office 365.

How it works

By partnering with us, you open the opportunity for your clients to unleash the potential of digital transformation – changing the way they work for better.

“Office 365 is more than Exchange and Desktop Office licenses, you are doing your clients a disservice not offering them more…”

We offer strategy and advice, implementation, training and continual improvement.  This is alongside your services.

We are super open and flexible, if there isany overlap in what we offer – it’s always yours – we will never compete with you.

“We actually upsell your clients to new services, increasing your revenue”

Once we’ve started working with your clients it is up to you how much you want to be involved, either way, your clients are in good hands.

Your Opportunity...

If you aren’t already having conversations with your clients about using technology better, then you need to start – before they start to shop around.

“It is so disappointing to see new tools being under utilised.”

We offer a mix of services.  We have one-time projects for migrations, implementation and training.  We also offer recurring monthly services for Continual Improvement and Strategy, Utilisation, Risk & Audit reporting and Maintenance.

We also have prebuilt solutions that are deployed to clients on a SaaS model.

Take a look through our services, you’ll see we cover a wide scope of work centered mostly around Office 365, productivity and modern workplace.

The technology is always changing, so is our offering, so keep in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Custom365 provide CSP Licenses?

We want to ensure you retain the CSP relationship for all user licenses.


The only exception to this is (in regions we can) we provide licenses to support and run our solutions – typically Power Platform licenses.  This means we can ensure licenses don’t expire of accidentally cancelled.

Does Custom365 require Global Admin on the client tenant?

It is usually a requirement yes.  This way we can manage, maintain and troubleshoot any issues across the tenant.

Everything we do is auditable and we don’t make major changes without first informing you (and your client).

In regions we can, we also setup Partner of Record for the allocation of Power Platform licenses.

What regions or countries do Custom365 support?

We are a company born in the cloud and are very happy to service clients all over the world.  We’ve always found a time zone overlap that works.  In fact it is often an advantage to be able t work/develop during the clients offline hours.

Most of our deployments are remote, however, if local it is always nice to work face to face too.

Can Custom365 white label their services?

Not any more 😉

We tried that, it becomes very tricky very fast.  It is best to be open with your clients and tell them you partner with experts to bring them the solutions they need.

How much does a solution cost?

This is a very tricky question to answer.  We often get asked it too.

The truth is, every client has such unique requirements and without identifying at least a bit of a scope we really can’t tell.

However, we often estimate that most SMB’s should budget somewhere between NZD$8-20k.  It is entirely scalable, if they just need one single site, library with files -it’ll be much less that that.  If they want all the bells and whistles it’ll be a lot more.  It isn’t uncommon for an intranet to scale up to $40-80k projects for larger organisations with complex customisations and development.

Our aim is to always provide as much value for their budget, usually working out what their budget is first, then building a solution to fit the budget – based on their priorities.  The solution can always evolve over time if the budget expands.

Can Custom365 support our tenant?

Absolutely – many of our partners are also clients.  We can help build out your infrastructure too.

Actually we’ve found it to be a great advantage, firstly you get to see first hand what the potential is – which helps you explain it to clients.

More importantly – it creates separation from your staff having admin rights over your tenant and potentially the access and visibility to all your restricted content – like HR & Finance files.

Talk to us about mates rates 😉

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