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December 2021 – Current

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Education & Training

Document Templating

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Custom 365’s Smart DMS

SharePoint Document Libraries

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Power Automate

About St Andrews Village

St Andrews Village is a retirement village with a modern and well-equipped care facility.  They are a centre proud of their staff, who are genuine caring people.

St Andrews goal has always been to provide full continuum of care, having maintained buildings, services & activities as well as specialty care facilities – all requiring fully trained staff to look after each area.

Partnering with MM Consulting NZ

We worked with MM Consulting through this implementation, they offer unique expertise in Quality Management, Project Management, Auditing and Management of ISO Management Systems.


The Challenges

St Andrews needed a solution for their Policies and Procedures Documentation.  


Looking to build Document Management workflows on their existing SharePoint Libraries


Wanted to implement Document Templates to ensure consistency across their documents.


Ensure documents are reviewed regularly for compliance as well as other DMS controls.

The Issue

St Andrew’s problem was their internal document management.  Their staff needed to find better, less time consuming ways to process documents, handle procedures and update process instructions.  They also needed to standardise their document styles, formatting to create consistency across their files.

They were looking for a smart way to manage and keep track of all their documents and their review cycles.  As they are partly a medical and care centre, documentation for compliance is critical.

St Andrews were already using Office 365 and SharePoint for some document storage.  They came to us asking if we could build a workflow solution to handle review cycles of their documents – this ensured they are always up to date and current.  Luckily for them, we already had our Smart Document Library solution, so we were able to focus the budget on training and adoption rather than build and development – essentially saving them $1000’s in development costs.

The Solution

When we first started working with St Andrews, we were not surprised to discover that like most organisations today, their in-house processes while organised could be improved. Hours of their staff’s time were being taken up by repetitive tasks like updating policies and procedure documents. Furthermore, staff found it difficult to keep track of who important documents needed to go to and who had to sign and read them. Their lack of a smart document storage system made it difficult for their staff to do their jobs efficiently.  

This is where our Smart Library DMS solution for Process Documentation had the opportunity to shine. We deployed our solution for St Andrews and provided them with training on how to use it. We also created customised templates to help St Andrews achieve consistency in their documentation and supported staff with document migration. 

Our Smart Library DMS solution integrates with Microsoft Teams, which St Andrews use across their organisation.

We implemented a structured and organised ‘smart library’ inside their SharePoint. Our ‘smart library’ is a structured and streamlined solution. Team members can now easily create, share and edit procedures, process maps and work instruction documents or more. This saves St Andrews valuable time, money and resources.

The Result

Since going live, St Andrews have published over 500 documents across their organisation.  With over 2500 read tasks across their team.

They now have a full audit trail who and when people have read the document, the published versions history as well as deep search capabilities so no staff can say they can’t find the document.

Their induction process now includes assigning tasks automatically based on the new employees role.

Any suggestions for new documents are also tracked via the suggestions feature.

"The new document management system for St Andrews is a game changer. Kudos to the Custom365 team for building this fantastic system."

Martin Michaels - MM Consulting

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