Repeat and Recurring Tasks in Microsoft Planner

Sadly, this previously wasn’t achievable in Planner, so we had built a solution to resolve this problem.  Our solution was great – had 1000’s of views and 100’s of downloads – so we knew it was a big problem.

Good news is – Microsoft have finally added the functionality in Planner to create recurring tasks – check out my walk through video on the right –>

However, this doesn’t entirely make our solution redundant.  Find out more below…

Still don't like the built in function?

Task Management Using Planner

The growth in clients utilising Microsoft Planner for task management in Office 365 has been incredible.  Team leaders are looking to have more visibility on tasks assigned.  Even individuals are loving being able to see all their tasks in the Planner app in Teams.  
Working with our clients, we realise that most commonly team leaders were creating the same task across multiple team plans – for example – for a restaurant chain, creating repeating cleaning tasks across multiple sites.  So we worked with those clients and determined what is commonly required for creating recurring tasks in planner, we set out to build a solution.  
We can setup this solution for you, or you can build it out yourself – fill in the form at the end of this page and I’ll send through some install and setup instructions.

Create recurring tasks across multiple plans

So we manage this by creating a Master List of tasks.  This Master List has all tasks mapped to each Planner Plan.

We then use Power Automate to create the tasks in each of the mapped plans according to the set cycle.

It is quote simple really, but a little challenging to setup.

Let's get you setup with recurring tasks across multiple plans today!

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