Transforming your Business with Custom 365

Have you ever heard the phrase – “If you are standing still, you are actually going backwards?”

In our business world, I see this is meaning that your competitors are likely to be driving changes that will set them apart from you, and the rest of the competition.

If you aren’t adapting too, you are falling behind.

What does that mean to you?

Technology disruptors are really common, in industries that were totally oblivious to the threat.

Think about how AirBnB distrupted the accomodation industry.  Or how Uber nearly wiped out the Taxi (and public transport) industry.  Let’s not mention Blockbuster ;( 

Now you might not be a fan of those distruptors – and maybe you do work in an industry that is not likely to be distrupted – but I bet that is exactly what Hotel chains and Taxi operators thought.

I see small ripples of distruption in many industries – like I wouldn’t now register with a GP if they didn’t have an online portal.  While the local GP might not think that a portal is necessary to them, it is the perception of convenience in the eyes of their clients, that is makes it essential.

But what can Custom365 do to help?

Well, it isn’t just your clients that expect change.  Your team do too!

Imagine employing a fresh to the workforce, eager young professional.  Day 1, you are tasked with teaching them how to use a fax machine – “What is a fax machine?”  It’s like Instant Messenger, but on paper and sent over a telephone line – like magic – or wonkavision.

Anyway – the point is…  your staff are expecting convenience in the way they work.  They have all the latest apps and technology in their personal lives, but often at work…  not so much.

If I had a dollar for everytime I heard – “We do it that way because that’s the way it has always been done” but then with some simple changes – like a digital form, or document approval process – there is a much better way.

Trust me.

Reach out if you have any challenges you want to tackle in your business, or new technology you are looking to implement.

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