8 Reasons Why You Should Digitise A Paper Form

1. Time Saver

It is reported that an estimated 40% reduction in time taken to complete a digital form, compared to a physical form. This time saving comes from intuitive design and limitation of errors. For example

  • Use Drop Down selections reducing the need for free text
  • Hide irrelevant questions using conditional logic
  • Automate SUM & COUNT Calculations based on previous answers
  • Prefill Data, such as Username, Email, Current Date/Time etc to save users time.
  • Connect to Databases to pull data rather than asking the user to key information every time.

2. Data Validation

There is nothing worse than having to go back to a client asking them to clarify information you can’t decipher on their form. It wastes your time, it wastes their time and it all could have been avoided with digital forms. Also, with data validation, you can ensure that entries meet criteria to make it less likely to fail, for example – asking for an email address, when handwritten and not clear you could be emailing the wrong person, or get bounce backs.

3. Data is Ready for Use

Asking one person to write a form, then asking someone else to type it up is crazy - the double handling is inefficient.

Having the data in a digital format that you can immediately use is simply the right way to do it.

4. Using Conditional Questions

Only ask what you need to ask, and keep the form nice and short.  People get really daunted by the sight of a lengthy complex form, even if much of it is irrelevant.

5. Digital is 24/7 and global

Digital Form never sleep!

Not only that, asking clients to physically come to your office to fill in a form because it is convenient to you - not them - is sooo last century. 😉

The convenience of accessing a form at any time of the day, from any location, from any device is the best customer service.

6. Integrated

Now you have digital data, this is where you can really start to become efficient.  No more copy/paste, no more duplication, no more data entry!

Using integration and workflow automation you can streamline your processes reducing time whilst also eliminating errors.


7. Doesn't require a pen

Nothing worse than wasting minutes of your day trying to find that pen again.

Also, just a side note: a recent survey showed elderly population actually prefers digital forms do to their accessibility and ease of function.

8. Its hygenic

It has been a funny few years, but people are more aware of touching other peoples pens, clipboards etc.  Sanitise people!!

Most people would much prefer using their own devices to pull up your form and pass you their details.

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