Why Partner with

Hopefully you already are, and already know why, but it’s important to recap.

We are a local business, but delivering to the world!  Running a digital workplace enables us to serve clients here in Aotearoa, Australia, USA, the UK and more.  We serve small local businesses and international corporations too.

Typically our clients are between 25 and 250 seats, but we’ve certainly worked with smaller and larger companies.

Here are some other reasons:

Unique Services:

  • We provide incredible services to your clients, increasing utilisation, knowledge and technical skills, without you needing to employ or upskill your own team.


  • When asked “Can you help us with [insert one of the many Office 365 tools]?” you can say YES we partner with experts, this is totally their thing.  Which means they don’t go knocking on doors of your potential competitors.

Increase Value

  • The client is now leveraging the tool set, and those E3 licenses are never getting cheaper.  At least now, when the price goes up, they are actually using it – not just exchange and desktop licenses.

Partner not competitor

  • We don’t compete with you, as in, if you did provide SharePoint services, but not Power Platform, we will work with you and won’t compete against your SharePoint work.

Increase Utilisation

  • You get utilisation kudos with Microsoft for your clients that show increased usage across the tenant services.

Independant Recommendations

  • We are always recommending additional products and services, which you can provide with margin – such as license upgrades, backups, security etc

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